If Your Hair has turned out Orange ?

And you can't face the thought of re-bleaching ?

If you neither have the cash or cannot face seeing a professional to have the color corrected (always best), then here are a few basic tips below. Remember that everyone's hair is different and these are only general examples.

If your hair has turned out orange then the good news is that getting back to brown isn't tremedously diffcult. There are lots of red tones still left in the hair and this means that using a medium brown color should take the hair back to a color that you are happy with, (it won't of course be your natural haircolor).

Try to make sure that the brown you are applying doesn't have too many red tones in it ie, auburny/chestnut shades as you may end up with a hair color that is far too red. Your hair has been chemically damaged by the bleaching process and as I've said will soak up everything that is put on it from now on.

So Your best bet is a simple 'medium brown' or 'medium ash brown' shade.

Here's one girl who tried this :

"I had a bleach disaster and it turned orange! I was scared to dye over it cause the clairol company said to wait four weeks and everyone here said "go to a Professional". I couldn’t wait four weeks. So I decided to dye over with a medium brown color Garnier Nutrisse Color: Truffle. It came out so nice the color is so pretty and my hair is soft!!! I am still conditioning like crazy but it worked.".

If Your Hair is Bleached and you Hate it ?

Like I mentioned briefly before, the bleaching process has gotten rid of all the red tones in your hair. Simply applying a brown dye over the top may result is some seriously undesireable results. Ash Browns in particular have underlying greens and blue tones in them, very little red. So applying this to a hair colour which is yellow ? At worst Green, or at best a very flat ashy looking color which may look very strange in certain lights.

To go back from bleached blonde to brown, just like going bleached blonde FROM brown, is something best done in two stages.

You took all the red tones out, so now it's time to put them back in again. You should choose a very warm golden blonde, or really red shade and apply to you hair. This should be left on until you hair is completely red/ginger in color, probably a good 25 to 30 mins. This is called applying a 'filler' shade.

Once your hair is really red/ginger, it's time again to reapply a medium brown color over the top of this. Start with a brown shade that is not too dark in color, as it is always easier to go a shade or two darker later than it is to end up with hair thats far too dark and having to wait until it fades or grows out. Again, avoid shades which have lots of red tones in them. You don't need them now. The result (fingers crossed !) should be a nice even brown shade.

Here is one ladies experience :

"I had platinum blonde hair all last year (bleached) and i am naturally dark brown. Here is how my very expensive hairdresser turned it back to brown. I will tell you and you can do it a lot cheaper!!!! :)

1. she dyed it red first. Permanent red colouring. You can buy Permanent red dye at the market.

2. straight after washing that red dye out and while it was still damp, she put permanent dark brown dye on my hair. You might want a lighter shade than this, but I wanted dark brown.

3. that's it.

Then you need to condition it a lot for the rest of your life :) or until it grows out. whichever comes first :)

Basically, all the colour has been bleached out of that length of hair, so you need to put the coluor back in. You can't go straight to brown, you have to go red first.


This is because brown hair actually has a lot of blue/green hidden in it. And blue/green over yellow looks green. Trust me on this. Go red first!!!! You need to deposit a lot of red back in. You are reversing the bleach process, which goes brown to red to orange to yellow. Now you want to go yellow to red to brown.

If you do red permanent, then brown permanent, the blonde will be covered. You may have to very occassionally put in a brown semi's, as these can add gloss and pump up the hair shaft, and add more colour richness. Then just condition it and grow it out."


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