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So You Want to Go Blonde ?

Let's face it, most of us girls, and fxpro minimum deposit zar some of you boys out there think about 'going blonde' at some point or another.
For most though, thinking about it is as far as it goes. Endless horror stories of hair turning orange, hair falling out, third degree burns and even hair turning green are all well known.

Hairdressers are very reluctant to risk their reputations on what could be a hair disaster of epic proportions, and like to mt4 pro try and put you off as much as possible. I personally have emerged twice from salons with a nice set of 'highlights' because the stylist was so reluctant to dye the whole thing that I chickened out, and let them do what they wanted.

Even if you are lucky enough to find a hairdresser who agrees. They're likely to charge you a fortune for it. Little wonder then that those of us who DO get further than just thinking about it, decide to take the plunge in the privacy of our own bathroom and this site is for anyone who is considering doing just that. This site is dedicated to all you blonde wannabes metatrader 4 for pc out there.

I took the 'plunge' about a year ago

Unfortunatley, I made every mistake in the book and probably damaged my hair more than necessary because basic advice on how best to 'do it yourself', should you choose to, just isn't there. Especially in the Uk. Since my experience, I have read up far more on the subject and have also discovered some nice hints and tips on how to keep the hair looking good, (drop the scarecrow look ). I thought I'd set up this site in the hope of preventing others from learning the hard way, as I did. Also that 'going blonde' is not just a case of whacking any old hair dye on and crossing your fingers. Its a BIG commitment, can be very high maintenance and getting back to your old hair colour is not as easy as you would think !

If you're still considering it then read on.

DISCLAIMER :- Please be aware that this site is based on personal experience and a good deal of digging around on the net for info. The advice contained in it is based on common sense, personal experience and known public information about certain products rather than scientific facts and research. I'm only hoping to prevent people from making the same mistakes I did,

My basic mantras on diy blonding are :

Dotted around the site are just bits and pieces I've written or picked up on other home beauty stuff and basic advice and tips on all sorts of things I've wanted to ask or find out more about at one time or another.

Hope some of them help you too !


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